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Coach attacked by mother with baseball bat
Aug-20-2012 1761 0

Lakeshia Richmond is charged with aggravated assault after attacking her children's little league coach with a baseball bat.

When officers arrived at this home in the 18 hundred block of Person on Saturday, Richmond told them that she had beaten the victim with a bat because he had sexually assaulted her two kids.

"Now my kids are suffering. They're kind of scared to sleep at night. That's not right, " said Richmond.

Police say they have filed no charged against the victim; however, they are investigating. Authorities say they found the victim "shirtless and bleeding from the head and face."

"He's got broken ribs, a punctured lung. He's got stitches in his hand. His ankles are swollen. He's beaten pretty bad," said the victim's mother.

I spoke to the victim's mother who did not want me to show her face on camera. I asked her about the allegations.

"That's not true cause my son is with children every weekend. He has nieces, nephews. That's not true," said the victim's mother.

The victim's mother says she can't imagine why anyone would want to attack her son.

"That was wrong. If you felt like that you should've called the police and let them handle it. You shouldn't have beaten my child like that," explained the victim's mother.

"I did what I had to do. I put it all in God's hands now," said Richmond.


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