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'Django Unchained' Actress Reportedly Charged With Lewd Conduct
The Django Unchained actress who claimed racial profiling by police last month has been charged with lewd conduct, according to TMZ, which broke the story initially.

Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were each reportedly charged with lewd conduct, a misdemeanor conduct charge that could result in six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

The couple were stopped after eyewitnesses called the Los Angeles Police Department complaining of a couple having sex in public during daylight. They claimed they were apprehended because Watts is black and Lucas is white, garnering national news attention until a recording of the incident was leaked to TMZ.

The City Attorney's office could not immediately be reached for comment.
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AP Oct-21-2014 179 0
The Django Unchained actress who claimed racial profiling by police last month has been charged with lewd conduct, according to TMZ, which broke the story initially.

Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were each reportedly charged with lewd conduct, a misdemeanor conduct charge that could result in six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

The couple were stopped after eyewitnesses called the Los Angeles Police Department complaining of a couple having sex in public during daylight. They claimed they were apprehended because Watts is black and Lucas is white, garnering national news attention until a recording of the incident was leaked to TMZ.

The City Attorney's office could not immediately be reached for comment.

Oct-21-2014 211 0
The National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair will host its 10th annual celebration in honor of empowering aspiring black lawyers.

The free event will be held Friday and Saturday in the Houston Marriott Westchase. Late registration begins today and ends Wednesday.

The conference brings together aspiring lawyers, parents, supporters, friends, law students, judges, and law school representatives to help students begin their law school career with “insider” information and encouragement on their journey to become successful attorneys.

The conference provides participants with access to over 100 law schools that participate in the law fair. Other events include workshops and panel discussions pertaining to law school, networking and mentorship opportunities, professional business image and etiquette training, town hall meetings, law school admissions test (LSAT) preparation clinics, and diagnostic LSAT administrations.

State Bar of Texas Immediate Past President Lisa Tatum will speak as a panelist during a Saturday workshop on legal careers. The panel discussion will focus on what law firm partners do, how they got to where they are, and their advice for meeting upcoming challenges.

Tatum will be joined by moderator Erica Edwards-O’Neal, director of diversity and inclusion and senior director of career services of the Touro Law Center (Central Islip, New York); Tiffany Bingham Briscoe, partner in Vorys (Houston); Jonathan Cox, partner in The Cox Pradia Law Firm P.L.L.C. (Houston); Daniella Landers, partner in Sutherland (Houston); Demetra Liggins, partner in Thompson & Knight LLP (Houston); Patricia Rosier, managing partner in the Law Office of Rosier & Associates (Upper Marlboro, Maryland); Daryl K. Washington, partner in the Law Offices of Daryl K. Washington, P.C., Attorneys and Counselors at Law (Dallas); and Marlene C. Williams, partner in Jackson Walker L.L.P. (Houston).

General admission is free and everyone is welcome. For more information on how to register or a complete schedule of events, visit

Oct-20-2014 290 0
According to TV Newser, CNN has withdrawn its support for NABJ’s 2015 Convention & Career Fair. The organization was told last week by NABJ president Bob Butler. It’s being reported Butler has publicly expressed his concern regarding CNN’s hiring and employee retention practices of black journalists.

“I understand the company has a right to make personnel decisions,” Butler says. “There were not that many African American managers at CNN in the first place. These layoffs have hurt our members tremendously. I am severely disappointed that CNN has ended our partnership.”

Darius Walker, who was CNN’s New York Bureau Chief/VP, is an NABJ member and was among one of the managers cut by the network.

The National Association of Black Journalists will hold its 40th Annual Convention & Career Fair from August 5-9, 2015 in Minneapolis.

Oct-20-2014 251 0
After years of alleged police brutality, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed plans Monday to investigate the Baltimore Police Department..

At the U.S. attorney's office in Baltimore, the Department of Justice announced initial details about collaborative-reform initiative to curb police brutality in the city. Officials at the announcement included U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and Ronald L. Davis, director of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services at the Department of Justice.

Davis said he has known Batts for years and is confident he will be a full partner in the coming review.

"We will be able to make the Baltimore Police Department even better and stronger than it is today," Davis said in a statement. "The collaborative reform initiative we embark on today is just that — a collaboration — and everything this partnership entails will be done in an open and transparent fashion."

While Batts and Rawlings-Blake said they started talking weeks ago about the federal program, they unveiled the request on Oct. 4 — five days after The Baltimore Sun published results of an investigation showing that residents have suffered broken bones and battered faces during arrests.

The Sun found that the city has paid $5.7 million in court judgments and settlements in 102 civil suits since 2011, and nearly all of the people involved in incidents leading to those lawsuits were cleared of criminal charges. Some officers were involved in multiple lawsuits.

"When law enforcement misconduct is uncovered, the U.S. Department of Justice has a variety of tools available to respond," Davis said. "Responses to misconduct in law enforcement organizations fall along a continuum of intervention."

The federal review will examine training standards, the way police interact with residents and how the department tracks complaints against officers. Investigators look for troubling patterns. Within weeks, a team of policing experts could be in Baltimore, talking to residents, community leaders and officers.

Some city leaders, like Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young, prefer a wider probe of the Baltimore Police Department.

The Department of Justice says it developed the collaborative reform in 2011 as an independent and objective way to transform a law enforcement agency through an analysis of policies, practices, training, tactics and accountability methods around key issues facing law enforcement today.

The coming review in Baltimore is similar to ongoing probes in Philadelphia and Spokane, Wash., that are focusing on police shootings and other issues.

The goal is to help change the ways that law enforcement agencies build community partnerships and enhance transparency; transform agencies through decision making and policies; and institutionalize reforms with integrated accountability measures, officials say.

The reform was first utilized in Las Vegas in the aftermath of officer-involved shootings. Prosecutors cleared officers of wrongdoing in most cases.

The Department of Justice finished its review in November 2012 and a 155-page report in May 2014 that focused on the use of deadly force, including an analysis of policies, training, tactics and documentation. Investigators interviewed more than 100 people, including residents, officers, prosecutors and police union officials.

Among its 75 findings, the federal government listed 16 shortcomings in use-of-force policies and procedures, and recommended reforms.

AP Oct-20-2014 244 0
The brutal militant group Boko Haram has reportedly agreed to release the more than 200 Nigerians schoolgirls it abducted six months ago.

The mass kidnapping in April shocked the world and led to a social media campaign built around the slogan #BringBackOurGirls.

An international manhunt failed to track down the missing girls, and they had largely fallen out of the spotlight in recent months.

But the Nigerian military announced Friday that as part of a ceasefire deal, Boko Haram has agreed to free the girls.

"They've assured us they have the girls and they will release them," Nigeria's chief of defense staff, Alex Badeh, was quoted as saying. "I am cautiously optimistic."

"We are monitoring the news with huge expectations,” the Bring Back Our Girls campaign tweeted.

The deal was first reported by BBC News.

The girls were snatched April 15 in a carefully-orchestrated overnight assault on the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School.

Members of the Al Qaeda-trained terror group claimed to be soldiers on a rescue mission.

But the Islamic militants, after herding the frightened girls outside, forced them into the backs of pickup trucks and tore off into the darkness.

Some 275 girls were believed to be taken — some as young as 9.

The brazen abduction gained heightened attention when Boko Haram leader released a video days later promising to sell of the girls as slaves.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah. I will sell them off and marry them off," Abubakar Shekau threatened.

AP Oct-20-2014 323 0
The bodies of three more women were found at two locations in Gary, Ind., Sunday night, authorities said early Monday morning.

The Lake County coroner's office determined that all three women were murdered: one from strangulation, the others from unspecified injuries.

This brings the total number of dead bodies found in northwestern Indiana this weekend to seven, the office said.

“It is possible that the investigation will lead to more victims,” Doughty said at a press conference midday Monday.

Doughty said Vann had been soliciting prostitutes through, a classified ads website, so he could murder them.

Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said the suspect had been convicted of sex crimes in Texas and moved to Gary from Austin in 2004.

Authorities say he cooperated with investigators and helped lead police to the other women after he was arrested in the murder of Afrika Hardy, 19.

Her body was found at a Motel 6 in nearby Hammond about 9:30 p.m. Friday.

"A friend of the deceased called us and she was concerned when she didn't respond to her calling," Hammond police Lt. Rich Hoyda told The Associated Press. "We were sent there and found that person dead."

Police took Vann into custody after executing a warrant for a home and vehicle in Gary Saturday afternoon.

During questioning, he told investigators the locations of three bodies that were found late Saturday and early Sunday, according to police.

Family members identified the second victim as Anith Jones, 35, the office said.

The shocking news has horrified the city of Gary and surrounding communities.

A man confessed to killing at least one of the women who was found dead this weekend, police said.

The police departments of Hammond and Gary are seeking murder charges.

Terence Cullen Oct-19-2014 356 0
A brutal Brooklyn baby-sitter savagely beat a helpless 3-year-old girl to death Saturday after she accidentally went to the bathroom in her pants, police sources said.

Cops found the dying girl after a 911 caller reported bloodcurdling screams echoing from the apartment in a city homeless shelter at 38 Cooper St. shortly before 4 p.m., cops said.

Defenseless little Jeida Torres, 3, died at Wyckoff Hospital after her mother’s enraged boyfriend “punched and choked” the tiny child — who suffered injuries to her head and body, sources said.

“She either pooped her pants or peed on herself, and he got agitated,” a source said.

Suspect Kelsey Smith, who fled the scene and left the mortally injured child behind with her battered big brother, has a rap sheet with with 14 prior arrests dating to 2008, cop sources said.

Jeida’s 5-year-old brother, Andrew, was also beaten black and blue by Smith, 20, although a police source said the boy’s injuries were possibly inflicted before Saturday.

Neighbor Marilyn Cruz said the afternoon killing capped two solid weeks of fighting and violence inside the apartment.

The dead girl’s mother, Kimberly Torres, and grandfather wept inconsolably outside the building after hearing the heartbreaking news about the beloved child.

Smith was busted just across the Queens border after the NYPD received a tip on the fugitive’s whereabouts. Cop sources said he tried to slash himself in a failed suicide try.

Smith, who also went by the first name “Shawn,” had multiple collars for robbery and grand larceny, along with a gang assault charge and a bust this year for criminal mischief.

No charges had been filed early Sunday in the fatal beating of the innocent toddler in the second-floor Bushwick apartment.

Torres — who arrived at the location 30 minutes after the 911 call — told police she left Smith alone with her two kids when she went to work Saturday.

The dead girl’s grandfather broke down completely after he learned of little Jeida’s fate, and his daughter sobbed relentlessly before police brought her to the hospital.

“He was crying,” said neighbor Keith Best, 43, who lives across the street. “He just lost his mind.”

Battered Andrew Torres, who was placed in a police car for the trip to Wyckoff, was in stable condition with visible bruises to his face and upper body.

“Papa! Papa!” the terrified boy shouted at his grandfather, who had just come downstairs from the apartment where his granddaughter’s body was found.
The little girl was already motionless when EMTs rushed her outside in a desperate if vain effort to save her life.

“I saw the paramedics run out with little girl wrapped in a blanket,” said Best. “Her hands were just hanging out ... just limp.”

Neighbor Cruz claimed she called the police about the continuing ruckus in the home — only to get no response.

The NYPD, the Administration for Children’s Services and the Department of Homeless Services were all investigating.

Oct-18-2014 314 0
The cop who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown — setting off a wave of protests in Ferguson, Mo.— told investigators he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger, it was reported Friday.

Officer Darren Wilson told federal officials that Brown, who was 18, had shoved him into his SUV and grabbed for his gun, according to The New York Times.

The weapon went off twice in Wilson’s SUV as the men grappled Aug. 9, FBI forensics show.

Wilson, 28, has told investigators Brown punched and scratched him, The Times said, citing unnamed government officials briefed on the federal civil rights investigation.

The teen’s blood was found on the gun, Wilson’s uniform and in the SUV.

Wilson testified for four hours before a St. Louis County grand jury last month.

He has yet to explain why he shot Brown six times outside the SUV.

Wilson’s version also contradicted what several eyewitnesses said about the incident.

Several people who saw the altercation weren’t clear if Brown was trying to get away from Wilson or fighting to push him back in the SUV.

But the young man with Brown, Dorian Johnson, has said Wilson instigated the violence.

Brown held up his hands and was surrendering when he was shot multiple times in the head and chest, witnesses say.

Johnson hid behind a parked car as Brown lay dying in the street.

Meg Wagner Oct-18-2014 308 0
Six Philadelphia men forged, cheated and lied their way into collecting a dead woman's house and car, police said.

The woman's neighbor, his lawyer, two funeral directors, a real estate agent and a car salesman invented an elaborate scheme to take the heirless woman's personal property. They were slammed with a slew of theft and conspiracy charges Thursday after a tipster caught on to their cruel plot and alerted police.

All six men are either in police custody or expected to surrender, District Attorney Seth Williams told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The plot started in 2010 when 79-year-old Dorothy Kennedy died.

The woman's husband died two year earlier, and the couple left no heirs. By law, the state would collect their well-manicured rowhouse and 2005 Buick LeSabre.

But her neighbor Romanoff Quarles had another plan.

The 43-year-old asked his lawyer, 56-yearold Andrew Kaufman, how he could get his hands on the house.

Together, they crafted a plan to make Quarles the administrator of the estate.

They needed to prove that Quarles cared for Kennedy before she died — so they marked up old calendars with false appointments to make it look like Quarles ran errands for the woman long before her death.

But Kaufman wasn't sure if the falsified date books would be enough.

To make Quarles seem invested in the woman's care, he needed to oversee Kennedy's burial, too, Kaufman said.

So the two enlisted the help of two funeral directors, Marvin Kimble and Antoine Turay.

They first approached 57-year-old Kimble, but he no longer owner his funeral home, so he couldn't forge the documents.

Instead, Kimble sent them to Turay Memorial Chapel's owner.

Turay and Quarles collected Kennedy's body from the morgue and buried her in a pauper's grave. Turay drafted a $7,000 bill for the funeral — even though it only cost $1,400.

Quarles used the bill and his calendars in court to take over Kennedy's estate.

With his goal in sight, Quarles brought in a real estate agent and a car salesman to finalize his plot.

Broker Vincent Marciano organized a fake sale of the house, and let Quarles take over in 2012. Damion Rivers used his family's car business to give Quarles the title to the LeSabre.

It's not clear who tipped off police, but cops finally busted the four-year plot Thursday.

All six men face conspiracy, theft, receiving stolen property, forgery and perjury charges.

Sasha Goldstein Oct-17-2014 355 0
Kasey Nesbitt, 35, sits behind bars, held on $250,000 on a slew of charges stemming from the disturbing assault.

The alleged gang member burst through the elderly woman’s backdoor sometime last Sept. 29 or early Sept. 30 and sexually assaulted her, police said. The woman, described by police as very strong and brave, eventually was able to flee her own home around 7 a.m. on the 30th and get help from a neighbor, who called cops.

"All rapes are a deplorable crime but when you look at the age of the victim, it becomes a little bit more concerning, a little bit more disturbing," Wichita Police Captain Troy Livingston told KAKE-TV. "It's a vile crime, and the fact that somebody victimized a 100-year-old female is a little bit harder for the detectives to really grasp."

The disturbing crime shocked the small neighborhood. Nesbitt, who has been in and out of jail since 2000 on burglary and theft charges and was last released in January 2012, is next due in court Oct. 29.

The woman, who helped lead officers to the suspect, is reportedly doing better and being cared for by her family.

Corinne Lestch Oct-17-2014 286 0
William Bailey of Grand Rapids, has been charged with forcing his cousin into a dog cage and throwing hot wax on him in the victim’s apartment last month, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bailey, 27, punched his 47-year-old relative, threw him into a dog cage and poured hot wax on him while he stayed in the cousin’s Des Plaines, Ill., apartment Sept. 30, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Bailey didn’t stop there — he also burned his cousin with a cigarette lighter.

The victim, who has not been identified, managed to flee to the home of a neighbor, who called police, the sheriff’s office said. He was transported to a hospital.

Bailey also escaped — in his cousin’s 1992 Toyota Camry but was caught Sunday in Berrien County, Mich., and arrested on a $500,000 warrant for aggravated domestic battery.

He is currently in custody at the Berrien County Jail pending extradition to Illinois, according to the sheriff’s office.

AP Oct-16-2014 392 0
A minister who confessed to having sex with church members and neglecting to tell them he had AIDS was temporarily banned from acting as pastor on Thursday.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Charles Price issued a preliminary injunction, as sought by deacons and trustees of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Price ruled that the Rev. Juan McFarland, 47, must turn in his church keys and his church Mercedes vehicle and then stay away from the church he led for 24 years.

Church members hugged and prayed after the ruling. “Now we’ve got the church back, and the healing can begin,” said Lois Caffey, a member for 21 years.

The judge scheduled a hearing Dec. 1 to decide whether to issue a permanent injunction.

Lee Sanford, chairman of the board of trustees, said the challenge now is to reunite the 170 active members of the congregation. “I’m confident with God’s help we will be able to do that,” he said.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit said that the congregation voted to fire McFarland after his confessions but that he refused to leave and changed the church’s locks and control of church bank accounts.

McFarland said nothing inside or outside the courtroom Thursday during two hearings. He attended without an attorney.

The boards of deacons and trustees sued both McFarland and church parliamentarian Marc Anthoni Peacock, who was involved in changing the locks and bank accounts. Peacock resigned from the church after testifying in court Thursday and was dropped from the suit.

One of the plaintiffs, Deacon Nathan Williams Jr., said church leaders had no suspicions about McFarland until he delivered sermons in in August and September, during which he confessed to having sex with church members in the church building, but not in the sanctuary; having AIDS but not telling sex partners; and using illegal drugs. Williams and Sanford said McFarland told the congregation that God directed him to make a public confession.

Williams testified that the congregation first tried to help the pastor but that when it didn’t work, members took a vote during a service Oct. 5 to fire him.

Parliamentarian Marc Anthoni Peacock testified that the meeting wasn’t officially called as part of the Sunday service and described it as “holy hell.” Peacock was originally a defendant in the lawsuit but resigned from the church Thursday and was dropped from the litigation.

Price said the courts have no role in religious matters, but they sometimes have to step in when congregations can’t settle their differences over control of buildings and money. “If it could be resolved in the church, it would have been already,” the judge told the courtroom packed, with more than 100 people.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is more than 90 years old and is part of the National Baptist Convention. Church members on both sides of the pastoral dispute said the convention gives churches autonomy in personnel decisions.

Oct-16-2014 498 0
An Ohio bridal store closed Thursday after Ebola patient Amber Vinson visited the shop this weekend.

A spokesperson for Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal in Akron, Ohio told WKYC 3 that it closed voluntarily after speaking with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will not reopen until it gets an official's go-ahead.

The store's owner, Anna Younker, told ABC News that Vinson came to the shop with seven friends to look for bridesmaid dresses. Vinson bought her own wedding dress there last summer.

She said Vinson did not show any signs of feeling ill.

"Very intelligent lady," Younker told CNN. "All her friends were nice."

The CDC assured Younker and her employees that Vinson was not contagious at the time of her visit, she said.

But county health officials suggested she should disinfect the store with regular household product, the owner said.

A spokesperson told WKYC 3 that no employees had any signs of illness.

Eight Northeast Ohio residents, including Vinson's stepfather, are now in voluntary quarantine, The Akron Beacon Journal reported.

Younker told the Beacon Journal she had received panicked calls from customers who heard about Vinson's visit.

"This is getting blown out of proportion," she said.

Although Coming Attractions was closed, a few television cameras were allowed inside on Thursday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

While other media waited outside, two customers came by hoping to find a dress for a Halloween party but were turned away, the Plain Dealer reported.

"Concerned? I have two granddaughters," customer Jesse Lewis said. "Ebola is not something you play around with."

Vinson had flown in and out of Ohio to handle details of her wedding.

The nurse visited Ohio after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, a Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas patient who died from Ebola. She called the CDC before boarding the plane to alert them to her 99.5-degree temperature, but the health agency told her she could travel. She flew to Cleveland on Friday then back to Texas on Monday.

Vinson spent most of her weekend with her family near Akron, Summit County Public Health officials said at a news conference. She did not visit any grocery stores, restaurants or football games there.

Summit County Public Health told WKYC 3 that anyone who was at the store between noon and 3:30 p.m. Saturday should contact them at 330-926-3939.

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Sep-09-2014 570 0
On yesterday social media went crazy after the video of Ray Rice was released. Within hours Rice was released from the Ravens. Don't think for one second that it was not as a result of the public outcry on social media. The Ravens and the NFL did not have a choice but to release Rice because they had been exposed. However, the saddening part about of all of this is that the powers to be proclaimed they had not seen the video until yesterday.

Why do we live in a society where there's always a cover-up? If we are going to be angry at the police chief in Ferguson, MO for trying to cover up for one of his officers who killed Michael Brown we should also be upset with Commissioner Roger Goodell and Coach John Harbaugh because it appears that they took part in a scheme to deceive the public and by tuning in to the games as usual we are saying it's okay to cover-up a crime. Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints, was forced to sit out a year because an alleged wrongdoing took place under his watch. In my opinion, the same needs to happen to the Roger Goodell and Coach Harbaugh because somehow I think they knew and if they did not know it's even worse because they allowed a poor investigation to support a two game suspension.

Let's look at the severity of what they did. Their actions in trying to protect the NFL brand send the wrong message to ladies who are victims of domestic abuse. What the message says is that you should protect the abuser if there's something to lose. In this case, it was football games and plenty of revenue for a major brand. Their actions could help persuade a victim of domestic abuse to participate in a press conference in order to save a star and risk her life. This was not the right thing to do because someone following that same example could end up dead.

Releasing and/or suspending Rice for the year was the proper thing to do months ago but there are additional suspensions that need to be handed down before we stop talking about this. Take a year off Mr. Commissioner and Coach Harbaugh because you dropped the ball on this one. Better yet, if you won't suspend yourselves, donate your salaries for the year to a charity that supports domestic violence victims if you are really serious about the mistake that was made.

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. His practice includes Sports and Entertainment, Civil Rights, Litigation and Business Transactions. You can reach Daryl at or you can visit his website at To receive updates, go to the Black Legal Issues page on Facebook and check the like button.
Daryl K. Washington Apr-28-2014 963 0
Sadly but real, it appears as though society feels you can treat a black person poorly by simply offering to give them something of value and everything is forgotten. This mindset has to go away otherwise racism and injustices will remain. Whenever I file a civil rights lawsuit the first question the media asks is how much money the family is asking for? My response is always very clear; the family wants JUSTICE and expects for the individual responsible for the act to be held responsible for his/her criminal acts.

On yesterday, 5-10 multimillionaires played a game of basketball despite being made aware that the owner they are earning millions for hates black people, especially black males. By not playing on yesterday they could have sent a major message out and forced the NBA to react immediately but they gave Donald Sterling and the NBA a way out. Let's face it, the Clippers are no candidate to win the NBA Championship this year so this was/is their opportunity to make a change but instead they are showing America that money and a championship is much more important than fighting blatant racism.

I have to admit that I'm truly disappointed in the Los Angeles Clippers. Professional athletes will stage a sit out when they feel they are not being paid enough money but they will continue to play for a racist owner who admitted to not want black people at the game and use the excuse that we are playing for a championship. Will we continue to turn our heads for money?

Many people criticized the football players at Grambling when they staged a protest last year. If those kids lost their scholarships they could probably not afford to attend college but they took the chance because they wanted to take a stand against what they consider poor playing conditions. They had the courage to do something that the Los Angeles Clippers, a group of multimillionaires, are not willing to do. What message are we sending to the World? You can tell millionaires you hate them but they will still work for you as long as they are being paid. Truly a lost opportunity. All money is not good money.

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. His practice includes Sports and Entertainment, Civil Rights, Litigation and Business Transactions. You can reach Daryl at or you can visit his website at To receive updates, go to the Black Legal Issues page on Facebook and check the like button
Daryl K. Washington Apr-27-2014 989 0
Donald Sterling made comments about Black people that have started a lot of conversation. Many people, including myself, have said that it will place Coach Doc Rivers and the players in an awkward situation but after thinking about it, it will also place White people in an awkward position and here's my opinion why. During the Civil Rights movement there were White people on the front lines and there were many who did not agree with the poor treatment of Black people. They were instrumental in helping with the fight for equal treatment.

Fast forward to today. 95% of the fans at the Clippers games are not Black and the majority are White people. It would be a great show of support if the White fans were as insulted by Donald Sterling's comments as Black people are. The games will go on but wouldn't it be great if the White fans proved to the country that they don't support a racist owner. We know it will not happen but only until everyone voice their dislike of what was said will a true change ever be made.

Donald Sterling's views are shared by so many individuals who will allow our talented Black athletes to attend the large colleges because they earn millions of dollars for the schools but will fight tooth and nails to prevent a young Black kid who may have not scored well on a standardized test from attending.

College athletes are fighting to be paid but I think what should be added to their agenda is the equal treatment of their brothers and sisters who are being denied admission to the same universities they are earning millions of dollars for. The fight should not be for money but for equality. Let’s never allow someone to pay us to keep our views to ourselves. We still have a long way to go. We will never get there unless we ALL come together.

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. His practice includes Sports and Entertainment, Civil Rights, Litigation and Business Transactions. You can reach Daryl at or you can visit his website at To receive updates, go to the Black Legal Issues page on Facebook and check the like button.

Daryl K. Washington Feb-16-2014 1220 0
After the Michael Dunn verdict was read many voice their displeasure with the judicial system, rightfully so. However, the killing of our young black men is nothing new. Each time something bad happens we come together as a group for a month or so and then the energy dies down. When the Zimmerman verdict came back there were those who demanded that we stop supporting the state of Florida yet what happened to the follow-up to let us know how effective the efforts were? It reminds me of whenever someone dies. When we run into people we have not seen in years we all make a vow to do better and to make time for each other but after two or three months has past by we are all back to doing the same things.

As a country, we came together after 9/11 but soon thereafter the unity went away. There's so much happening in our communities. I thought the Zimmerman verdict would be our wake up call to do more but our young black men continue to be gunned down at a high rate by Men who don't look anything close to their fathers and most of them get away with it. Just in case you mention the black on black crime, remember that the killer normally ends up in prison.

Just recently, the grand jury failed to indict a North Carolina police officer for the killing of Jonathan Ferrell, a young black male, but after there was a public outcry about the injustice that took place he was eventually indicted. Right here in Dallas, Texas we have black men being killed by white police officers and in a great majority of the cases, the police officers are not indicted and judged by a jury of their peers. Instead, the victim is placed on trial and society has become conditioned to believe that it's okay to kill someone if they have a prior criminal record or considered a menace to society. Well, it's not and it's time that it stops.

We need to be proactive and make sure laws that don't benefit us are changed. I will continue to say this until I can't say this anymore; we have to get out and VOTE during the mid-term elections. We need to make sure the right people are elected and the wrong people are removed from office, irrespective of their race. If the same people are in office (local officials) yet we are having some of the same problems, it's time for change. Vote for someone who wants to make a change. Don't just vote based on race or political affiliation; that's what has gotten us to this point where we are today. We have to be proactive or the next Jordan Davis might be our brother, our son, our nephew, our father or our friend. Let's do it. Get involved or get out of the way!!!!!

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. His practice includes Sports and Entertainment, Civil Rights, Litigation and Business Transactions. You can reach Daryl at or you can visit his website at To receive updates, go to the Black Legal Issues page on Facebook and check the like button.

Daryl K. Washington Nov-26-2013 1532 0
ARE WE DOING ENOUGH FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITIES?: I just finished talking to a mother who lost her son as a result of a police shooting. Hearing this mother talk about her son and how much he loved the holidays was simply heart wrenching. She went on to tell me that she's pleaded for help from our local politicians, pastors, leaders, etc. but no one wants to take her call, especially if the cameras are not rolling. To worsen matters, many of the leaders have put her son on trial and he's dead.

On last week they staged a protest in Dallas and sadly, 95% of the protestors were white. That made me wonder why do people make it in life and fail to reach back to help others? Why do people hear about injustices yet fail to say anything about it other than to say "that's sad!" During the 60's the leaders were individuals (black and white) who had college degrees, had bright futures ahead of them but they risk it all for us to be in the positions we are in today. The sad thing is that many of us believe it's all about us.

We must do more. We have to do more. We have to demand that our politicians and pastors step up to help us fight this battle. It truly takes a team effort. We must hold all of our community leaders accountable. When they ask for your vote, ask them to list ten things they did for the community in the last four years. Ask them how many times have they've attended a rally to show support to a grieving mother or father. We have serious issues and it takes all of us to stop this mess. I'm tired of seeing people who have never fought against a single injustice accept the Martin Luther King drum major for justice award. It's time for change.

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. His practice includes Sports and Entertainment, Civil Rights, Litigation and Business Transactions. You can reach Daryl at or you can visit his website at To receive updates, go to the Black Legal Issues page on Facebook and check the like button.
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